Apr 30, 2010

Hold on! Wait! *gasp for air* The Heart of AIO! Phew. There. I got to it before everyone else. Wait. . .Oh, no! Everyone else posted it! Anyway, there's a new fan site called The Heart of AIO. It also has a heartcast (get it? Heart podcast?) And it's quiet good.
Also, I improved my logo slightly. It looks a little more professional now, I think.
Audrey, from AIO Insanity!, said in a comment on Campbell County Connection,

"You're right, our little blogger community is getting pretty big! Let's see: AIO Insanity, Campbell County Connection, the AIO fan's life, the Odyssey Way, The Voice of Odyssey and now the Heart of Odyssey! We need a nickname for the not-so-little community! It takes forever to list them all out!"

I agree about the name thing. Do you have any suggestions? Say them in the comments! Hmmm. . .

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