Apr 3, 2010

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"Target of the Week" is now on the radio. You can listen to it here. Now my review:

Target of the Week

I like this episode. I liked the comedy. Vance King seemed more of an evil character than Rodney. You may not have heard, but this is the first episode to have Jay Smouse in it. You'll hear more of him in "When You're Right, You're Right." Wooton was great. Too bad this is the last show done by Marshall Younger. But it was good. Overall I give it 5/5 stars.

     Since tomorrow is Easter Sunday, I thought you would like to see this Odyssey theme eggs. Hope you enjoyed "Target of the Week" and hope you have a great Easter!


  1. Awesome eggs. Very artistic drawings. What did you use? Crayons? Were they edible afterwards?

  2. I used a wax crayon from an egg making kit and a pencil. I don't usually eat my Easter eggs, but, I guess you could eat 'em. They might taste like candles and pencil lead.


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