Apr 19, 2012

The End. No, for real. Bye.

     Sorry, everyone, I was stuck in a closet. . .for about a year. Once I got out, I thought, "Hey, I'm a fade-away Adventures in Odyssey blog that only lasted about a year. I should do a good-bye post!" [Yes, I sometimes do have lengthy conversations with myself. ; ) ] Well everybody, it was a good run. It's been full of jokes, Photoshopped pictures, the funniest podcast ever, the AIO reboot, and, my shining achievement, the Odyssey Squirrel. It still makes me laugh that the only thing mentioned by the most brilliantly creative AIO fan, Kevin McCreary, on the most popular Odyssey fan site ever's podcast. . .is a a blog where I smashed on the keyboard and pretended I was a squirrel. : ) Well, in case I don't see ya (which I can assure you I won't), "good morning", "good day", and "good night"!