Just a preface, >Answer< means highlight what is in the middle of the arrows for the answer. 

Who walked over a fire for his wallet?
>Bart Rathbone<

The career counselor in "True Calling" said that Mandy will be what?
>"Fourteen today, forty tomorrow"<

How many actors have played Whit?

How many porcupines has Wooton owned?

What is the name of the cat that Robyn Jacobs once took care of?
>Boswell (from "All's Well With Boswell")<

What was Connie saving up money for when she started working at Whit's End?
>To get enough money to get a bus ticket to go back to California<

Who has a fear of staplers?

What did Connie name her dog (no longer owned)?

What did Donna Barclay name her dog?

What is Lawrence Hodge's dream?
>To go ice fishing with Mr. Rogers<

In "The Boy Who Didn't Go To Church", who was Lucy's character?
>I. C. Clearly<

Who has a moose head in his attic?
>Dwayne Oswald<

Who offered to get a corsage for Isaac Morton?
>Lucy Cunningham-Schultz<

Who does Wooton and Eugene say the "president with the surprisingly long neck" is?
>Calvin Coolidge<

What Odyssey characters ended up as action figures (some video characters)?
>Sherman (dog), Connie, Dylan, Eugene, and Whit<

What three characters have talked to talking portraits?
>Whit, Mandy, Olivia Parker<

In what month was Mr. Whittaker born?

What was the name of Lester's imaginary dog?

How many Official Guides have there been?