The Inspiration Station, Part 12

I thought this episode was pretty entertaining. It was a little weird, though. With the "new Connie" and everything. I thought that we needed to know/be more attached to the character of Matthew before we can even care about him stop tinkering. This episode had the calls from the fans of how they're inspired by Connie. So, it was a good episode and I give it a 3/5 review.

This episode was pretty good. This is one of those "listen to 'em once, then the magic is away" kinds. I mean, it's kind of repetitive. Kids and Eva don't want to sell stuff, Dad wants them to sell their stuff. But I like Red. I think that he'll be a long-term character "like a sleeping hog in the sunshine!" But overall, it was a good episode. But it isn't the type of episode that I'll jump on "like a duck on a dune bug".

Game For A Mystery

I liked the mystery aspect of it. Though I don't think anyone would be able to figure out the mystery like Emily Jones (or, as a matter of fact, Colombo was still at square one when the episode was finished). It was very confusing. I liked how they incorporated Nelson Swanson from the Kidsboro world into this episode. I also liked the comedy as well. Overall, it was a good episode.

Target of the Week

I like this episode. I liked the comedy. Vance King seemed more of an evil character than Rodney. You may not have heard, but this is the first episode to have Jay Smouse in it. You'll hear more of him in "When You're Right, You're Right." Wooton was great. Too bad this is the last show done by Marshall Younger (maybe another in Album 52). But it was good. Overall I give it 5/5 stars.

For the Birds

I thought this was a pretty good episode. It wasn't as climactic as I thought it would be, with Eugene cutting his hair. The cover art isn't very accurate, though. On the cover they're outside. In the episode they're inside. But, I thought it was a very good episode. I give it 4/5 stars.

When You're Right, You're Right

I thought this was a very good episode. I don't know why, but it seems that Emily isn't the girliest girl, but she has a very, very girly voice. I don't see why that would be. When I heard Barrett's happy birthday song the first time, I literally cringed. Good writing, entertaining, I see no reason why I shouldn't give it a 5/5 arrows (The Odyssey Way's rating system. Get it? Way? Arrow? Showing the Way? Aw, just forget it).

Grandma's Visit

I liked this episode. I liked the "story-teller mode" that it was in. I thought it was strange how the kids were acting like they were done at the beginning. Then it turns out. . . .the wedding hadn't happened! Grandma says that Aunt Roselita drove the men crazy, but also says that Eva looks the same. I give it 5/5. Good episode.

Finish What You. . .
This was a mildly good episode. Apparently they are introducing Red as a dumb handy-man because he thought that "cubit" was "cube". I liked the humor (actually there were only three jokes in it). I felt very uncomfortable when Olivia had a break-down. I think that Olivia sounds like a 14-year-old girl. What 11-year-old says, "I broke a nail!"? Overall it was okay. I'd give it a

The Mystery of the Clocktower, Part 1

Okay, this episode was pretty good. The only problem was how upset Alicia was about finding the wedding veil. It was uncomfortable to listen to her breathing heavy and freaking out. She was acting like some really bad thing came back from her past (like "Buried Sin"). 
But other than that, this episode really intrigued me. The mystery was very intriguing and awesome. Overall, I give it 4 stars.

Eugene, Matthew, and Alicia are running up the stairs in the clock tower, when. . . . 


The Mystery of the Clocktower, Part 2

This episode was not what I hoped for as a conclusion to the much anticipated "clocktower episode", as we've come to call it. It was boring, and the acting by Andrew Drevil (was he played by Fabio Stephens, who played Curt Stevens?) was pretty bad. Especially the "No, it can't be!" line. Overall, I give it a disappointing 2 stars.

Fake Scene:
This brainstorming session. . .seems so. . .familiar?


Wooton's Broken Pencil Show
Okay, first of all this episodes moral was a little blurry for me. So there was no point to a show about entertainment having a point? So would that mean that we shouldn't listen to this episode because it's. . . pointless? It's confusing to me.
     I heard this episode was going to be the funniest episode ever! I didn't laugh very much. The best part was when Thug Clockripper said, "He was like that when I found him.", referring to the Round House's brainlessness. 
     Also, it might just be wishful thinking (it probably actually is), but was the squirrel thing with Harlow a reference to Odyssey Squirrel
     Overall, I give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

Fake Scene:
Sorry, there is no fake scene for this episode. I didn't see a purpose to make one for this pointless (get it?) episode.

Stage Fright

Barret's fear. . .

Fast as I Can

Opposite Day

The Owlnapping                  

Square One

A Thankstaking Story

An Agreeable Nanny

The Malted Milkball Falcon

Grandma's Christmas Visit