Feb 24, 2011

Album 53 Discussion Site

Hi guys, I have a little project I've been working on.
  SPOILER ALERT: Don't go to this site if you haven't heard the newest album.
 If you go to my Album 53 site, it is now a discussion site for Odyssey fans who have already listened to the new album. You can now discuss the album without worrying about giving away spoilers!  You can get to it here. Because, like Jesse said on the newest Official AIO Podcast, "You can avoid those spoilers forever."

Feb 21, 2011

The Green Ring Conspiracy!

As of the 15th, Album 53 "The Green Ring Conspiracy" has now been translated to Canadian! If you are Canadian, you can download the newest album here!

Feb 9, 2011

Back Cover for Album 53

The back cover for Album 53 "The Green Ring Conspiracy" is now available! Now we can see a high-resolution (not the New Years kind) picture of everybody's favorite 16-year old, Connie Kendall! That's the cover to the right.
     Also, later today there will be a new Official AIO Podcast. So. . .check it out. . .then. . .when it's. . .released. . .I need a good segue. .
     Speaking of segues, the ScoopCast just released their second ever video podcast. It's very enjoyable, so check it out here!

Feb 3, 2011

Happy Birthday, Odyssey Way!

Today marks the day that this blog started exactly one year ago! We've had a packed year full of secret agent marketing managers, mailmen pretending to be ice cream shoppe owners, and a creepy squirrel dressed as Whit! If you look at the top of the screen, you can see the blogs new logo. At the bottom is a small video celebrating one year!

Feb 1, 2011

53 Promo and Surprise

Update: You can now download (for free!) the first episode of Album 53, "The Green Ring Conspiracy"! Download it here.

On the Official Whit's End Blog there is a special video segment in which--oh, you'll just have to see for yourselves. Also, follow this link to download Album 53 one month in advance!
     On today's broadcast of Odyssey, there is a brand new promo-commercial-thingy-special-stuff (these new techno gizmos are so confusing) for Album 53 in which an "old friend" comes to town and is a surviver of the plane crash. *cough* Jason Whittaker *cough*. You can listen to it here.