Major Characters

Andre Stojka--Andre has voiced Owl in Winnie the Pooh. He started being the voice of Owl in The New Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh, actually getting the role from Hal Smith. He was the voice of the horse Starlite in the Rainbow Brite cartoon. He was also the voice of the King in the Cinderella sequels.

Voice of. . .

John Avery Whittaker--Mentor and teacher to all the kids at Whit's End, including his two employees Eugene Meltsner and Connie Kendall. He also is an inventor, building things to help bring the Bible to life for the kids at Whit's End, and occasionally for National Security. His wife and first son have died.

Katie Leigh-- This is a list of acting jobs Katie Leigh has done. Barnyard: "Mean Boy" Babe, Pig in the City: "Hungry Kitten" Lorenzo's Oil"Lorenzo" (ADR) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom:"Maharaja" (ADR) My Little Pony: "Fizzy" Surviving(TV) (ADR) The Mr. Men Show: "Miss Chatterbox", "Miss Helpful" and "Miss Daredevil" Animalia: "Zoe", "Fushia", "Snipsy" and "Echo" Leap Frog: "Dot" Hi Hi Puffi Ami Yumi: various Totally Spies  (Seasons 1 and 2): "Alex" Viewtiful Joe: "Captain Blue Jr." Julius and Friends: "Ellie", "Sheree", "Clancy" As Told by Ginger: "Jr. Harris", "Jr. Harris Jr." Rugrats: various Richie Rich: "Richie" Rainbow Valley Fire Dept.: "Gusher" Darkwing Duck: "Honker Muddlefoot" Bobby's World: various Jim Henson's Muppet Babies: "Baby Rowlf" Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears: "Sunni Gummi" Aladdin: various Camp Candy: "Iggy" Denis the Menace: "Joey", "Gina" Dumbos's Circus: "Dumbo" My Little Pony: "Sundance", "Fizzy", various Glofriends: various Adventures of the Little Prince: "Little Prince" Dungeons and Dragons: "Shiela the Thief" Pandamonium: "Peggy" Little Wizards: "Twinkle" Robot Man: "Stellar" Olivia-on Nick Jr.: "Various" Oh Yeah Cartoons: The Tantrum- "Mom" Blue Dragon: "Noe"

Voice of. . .

Connie Kendall-- A teenage employee at Whit's End always getting into situations which makes her in need of Whit's advice. Her "say what-she's-thinking" mind always gets her into fights with co-worker, Eugene Meltsner. Always seems to stay 16. 

Will Ryan-- His credits include the seahorse in The Little Mermaid, Papa Bear in Looney Tunes: Back in Action and Petrie in The Land Before Time. The Emmy Award-winning producer, lyricist and composer also created Eugene Sings! and voiced Tigger and Rabbit on the Disney Channel’s long-running "Welcome to Pooh Corner" series.

Voice of. . .

Eugene Meltsner-- Eugene is the local genius, which before his conversion to Christ, always got him into spats with Connie Kendall. He is married to Katrina Shanks. He is around 27 years old.

Chris Anthony-- Chris is the very joyful host of Adventures in Odyssey. In some of the old episodes, she was able to do some minute-long skits with another character. You can listen to one of them here.