Apr 6, 2010

Hey guys (and girls), sorry I haven't posted lately. It's hard to think of things to write about, (well, unless your Audrey from AIO Insanity.)
     These are some facts found on the AIO Wiki about Album 52:

  • Four episodes for this album were recorded in December of 2009
  • The name of the album is expected to be something including the words Time and Clock
  • It was announced that the AIO team is working on more Kidsboro episodes for the spring 2010 season. These episodes did not appear in album 51, so it can be assumed that at least two episodes in album 52 will involve Kidsboro.
  • At least 2 episodes were recorded the week of 3/29/10
  • A Christmas episode will be included for album 52
  • There will be a two part episode included in album 52

It sounds good to me. 
     Also, on AIO Wiki, if you look at the page for Odyssey, you'll see an image. That image. . .is a clock tower! That's it to the top-right. Maybe someone has connections. . .
     Also on the Ceiling Fan, Intern James has hacked the blog. He's trying to read Ethan's e-mails. It has something to do with Jacob Isom.                      Also Jacob has another secret. Maybe Jacob's an agent, too.


  1. James the InternApril 06, 2010

    Of course I'm trying to read Ethan's email. I'm glad you heard about it! I don't usually do stuff like this . . . well sometimes, yeah, like when it says CONFIDENTIAL in big red letters on the top of the email, but I am curious about this email.

    Let the world know that I, Intern James, am hot on the trail of a . . . something. Not sure yet. But it's bound to be important. Don't worry about Ethan hearing . . . he rarely goes outside anyway. Remember? ..oh gotta go. Ethan needs me to clean his tooth brush.

  2. "...It's hard to think of things to write about, (well, unless your Audrey from AIO Insanity."
    What was that supposed to mean? :)

  3. Also, the image of a clocktower was a stop image from the theme of the AIO video series.

  4. That was not from AIO Wiki, that was from me at The Voice of Odyssey. >:O[

  5. Audrey, what I meant was that even if you had little Odyssey news, you could make it a lot and make it so everyone wants to read. :) Christian A., actually you got it from The AIO Fan's LIfe, who got it from AIO Wiki. Also, your right, it was the stop image.

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