Apr 1, 2010

I'm sad to announce, that Andre Stojka has decided to retire. He says that his age may be a restriction to what Adventures in Odyssey might want him to do. This is a quote from him: "I'm sad to go, but I think Focus will be able to find a younger and better John Avery Whittaker. I enjoyed doing Album 51, but I feel I must go." Album 52 will be postponed until they can find a new Whit. He announced this in a podcast you can listen to
here. <-Click link


  1. Good one. My heart jumped, but then I immediately got what you were going at. Especially when you made me click on a link. Come check out the Character Profile page at my blog! http://thevoiceofodyssey.blogspot.com/p/quotes.html

  2. I like your profile page. Why don't you put full-body pictures of the characters on there?

  3. I couldn't find any full-body pictures. Where can I find some?
    P.S. By the time you'll have replied again, there'll be a bunch more.

  4. Go to AIO Wiki at aiowiki.com . In the search bar to the left, type in a name of a character to get full-body pictures.


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