Mar 16, 2010

Wow! Over 1030 people have gone to my blog! Thanks to everyone who comes. The Odyssey Scoop has a new logo.
That's it on the right.
      Just received Album 51. "The Inspiration Station" doesn't even compare to the rest of the episodes. Album 51 is now shipping. Order yours here.
     Also, a summary for Album 52 "The Revenge of Time-Clock Man!" (not really) is out.
Mysteries abound in Odyssey as Eugene tries to figure out why the Odyssey clock tower is counting down to a mysterious deadline and Emily Jones unmasks the phantom of the school play. Meanwhile, the crew at Whit's End tries fasting,—with hilarious results—and Wooton tries his hand at a radio show ... with no script! It sounds like a good season to me!

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