Mar 8, 2010

This may be news worthy or not, but on the comments of one of the posts on the Odyssey Scoop, Brock D. Eastman, employee of Focus On the Family, posted a comment:

Brock E
Hey Jacob, just wanted to let you know we spent some time on the Focus clock to come up with some titles for album #52.
5 days ago, 10:39:14 PM CST
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Freddy Jay
Ooh la la! No doubt the italicized words are a clue. Smile
5 days ago, 11:02:53 PM CST
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I don't know, but maybe Album 52 will be called "Time Clock" or "Clock Time" or "It's Time For a Clock". To the right is a picture of Mathew Parker checking his watch (this picture is not legitimate). And on Brock D. Eastman's personal blog, The Quest For Truth Books, he posted this:
"I would say I am experiencing a dream like state right now...

I am sitting her in Agia Sophia with Dave Arnold, Paul McCusker, Nathan Hoobler, Carol Rusk, Marshall Younger, and Kathy Buchanan. We are discussing the coming albums for 2011. This is such an awesome experience."

On another comment on the Odyssey Scoop he said this:
Brock E
Woot all new art for five albums in 1 year! Who can beat that. Nathan I spent alot of time discussing which episodes/scenes should be drawn. We sent it to Dave who narrowed it down and now we are awaiting sketches from Gary! 

So that gives us an idea that they're working on something for Album 52 or Album 53 or Album 54. I guess they're always busy.


  1. the 5 albums they are referring to are 23, 26, 29, 34 and 52


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