Mar 22, 2010

The Odyssey Scoop and a member on the Campbell County message board started a contest. 20 questions are hidden on the Odyssey Scoop, and 10 are hidden on Campbell County. You can read more here.
     In other news, Brock Eastman, a secret CIA agent smuggling Odyssey facts that the public should know about, snapped a picture (which you can see here) behind Mike Harrigan's back. FreddyJay (of Campbell County Connection) and I agree that it's from "Passages" because you can see two moons.


  1. Christian A.March 23, 2010

    Jacob thinks that it's from "Annison's Risk". I think I might agree with him. It's just that the picture's a slight bit vague.

  2. Well, they're already shipping the new "Darien's Rise" so he wouldn't be working on it now. So it must be "Annison's Risk". So we all agree. Besides, "Darien's Rise" is sitting on the desk next to the computer.

  3. This is so true about Darien's Rise on the desk... Now what cover it may before... How do you know we don't already have book 3 and 4 created? How do you know this isn't book 5, 6, or even 7?

    And thanks for the picture. I love it! That is hilarious. Please let me know when you post this kind of great stuff!

  4. I was kinda thinking it may be an album cover for book two. But after really thinking about it, Jacob has several good points. It kinda looks like a palace/ bedroom setting. Which is the setting of Annison's Risk. There were other reasons, but that one about puts the icing on the cake, and convinces me.


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