Jun 5, 2010

Now for a real post. On the Official Site, there is an image of Marianne Hering holding a copy of Passages: Darien's Rise. Right above the book is yet another teaser image of Album 52's cover (to the right). And on Brock Eastman's blog, The Quest For Truth Books, he said this in the comments responding to a question:

 B. D. Eastman said...
Lots of fun announcements, like we have the titles for 53 and almost 54 and I saw the final sketch for 52. Woot. But you'll have to wait a little longer as we have some meetings with Tyndale tomorrow that might create some new news!

So, what you see is apparently the final sketch.
    In another comment, he said, "--So we have titles and cover comps for two new albums." So apparently there is some cool stuff coming in the world of Odyssey. I like this cover sketch, a whole lot better that the first one we saw in the video.

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