Jun 22, 2010

Hello everybody, I've got a special audio treat for you guys. It has my voice doing an interview with Harlow Doyle. . .or was he? You'll have to listen to find out. Please give me your feedback in the comments.

     Also, don't forget about the Fan Art page here. If you like to draw Whit, or you think it's fun to draw Eugene's goofy hair, send it to me and you'll see it on the page! But even if you like to play with audio like what you just heard, you can send that, too!


  1. By the way If anybody read in a comment I posted on Brocks Blog where I said that I could do Harlow Doyle's voice I can state here that I was not the one dong it.

  2. The file's not working for me.

  3. Do you have QuickTime? That's one of the ways to view it. You can download it in the link below:


  4. Oh by the way Gen J Club of the Lehigh Valley and GS are the same person in this case. There account is in my name and I tr not to post as them but I sometimes accidentally do.
    I have quicktime and use it often. The problem i have is it has a broken file image when I click 0n it. I am about to try it again. By the way you said you will accept audio. Will my Harlow Doyle rendition count.
    The Big One

  5. I just tried internet explorer instead of firefox and it worked.

  6. Yes, if you send that to odysseyway@gmail.com it will be posted. I would be interested in hearing that. I'm glad it worked.


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