Jun 1, 2010

Episode 26 of The Ceiling Fan is out. Ethan, James, and Phil are on an adventure of a lifetime! 

Local super sleuth and private investigator Harlow Doyle is hot on the trail when
his past comes back to haunt him. But will his past line up with the past he always thought he had? Meanwhile, with a driver's permit in one hand and a car full of suitcases, Ethan begins a journey with Phil and James to find the town of Odyssey.
     In my opinion, the podcast "sounds like awesome."

     Also, the AIO Blog is having another "Guess That Album!" contest. The prizes are ToO money. You can see the post here.
     And the Odyssey Times Blog has a survey in which, if you take it, you'll get 1 ToO buck. But if you don't have an account, you'll be entered automatically into their next contest. 

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