May 27, 2010

There are a couple new titles for Cause and Effect: "A Thankstaking Story" (Thanksgiving) and "White Elephant Gift" (Christmas), but we don't have any summaries. How about making some up based on what we know (and some made-up stuff)?

The Clocktower episode:
There is a clocktower ticking down to an event. 3 main characters are in the clocktower.

Fast as I Can:
People at Whit's End start fasting. *It seems fine, until Whit becomes thinner and strong.

Stage Fright: 
We meet a new theatre manager. Who he is, we don't know.

An Agreeable Nanny:
The Parkers get a new nanny. The nanny lets them do anything. 

A Thankstaking Story: 
Thanksgiving. Yep. Figure that one out.

White Elephant Gift:
*For Christmas Camilla Parker wants a white elephant. She gets one. . .hillarity ensues.

*That wasn't true.

    Also, there is a new character blog out, The Agent's Blog. He calls himself Agent 3XQ, but denies he's Jared. He's out to reveal the truth!



  1. Mr. WhittaSquirrelMay 28, 2010

    You should have kept Odyssey Squirrel going. I laughed nearly every time you posted something new. Please bring Odyssey Squirrel back! Go Mr. Whitta-squirrel!!!!

  2. I brought it back! Go to . Thanks for your feed-back!


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