May 12, 2010

Hi everybody, remember when Brock Eastman said that with every new album re-pack there will be a Family Fun Panel? This is an excerpt from "AIO Insanity!":

". . .in the behind the scenes booklet that comes with your album, there will be a section with a family project. You can get online and there will be a video of a family doing this project. After your family completes the project, the parents would buy a button that says you completed the family fun thing."

Well, on the Official Site there is a new page. On that page there is a video of Brock and Diane Ingolia, who does guest relations at Focus, with a family making a Wod-Fam-Choc-Sod (World Famous Chocolate Soda). This is what the Family Fun Panel buttons are about, too. On CBD (Christian Book Distributers) website, there's a page for certain buttons, like this one for Heroes (which the project is based off the episode "Karen" and has you write a letter or make a card for someone in a hospital or nursing home). In fact, the repack of Heroes is now available and includes the panel, although you cannot purchase the button until around June 25. 
"What will they think of next, telephones without cords!" -Wooton

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