Jan 25, 2011

A Little Food for Thought. . .

A commenter on the Odyssey Scoop commented on the art of Album 53, and mentioned that Matthew resembled Bambi on the cover:

is that Matthew on the cover?
He sorta has the Bambi look goin!

I disagreed until I compared Bambi with Matthew. To the right is a side-by-side comparison of the two. Does Matthew Parker look like Bambi in the new cover? The decision is yours. I hope that Album 53 isn't as sad as Bambi.
     Also, you download the album "Discovering Odyssey" from the Focus Download Store here. There is a preview of Album 53 that you can listen to on the new-and-improved ScoopCast. Check it out!


  1. He does have big eyes and a disproportional nose. But Bambi didn't ever come readily to mind when I saw him. So I'm not sure whether or not I agree. But I do hope that Album 53 isn't as sad as Matthew's making it look like it'll be.

  2. I guess he does have the "bambi eyes" a bit. :)

  3. You do a great job with PhotoShop. I guess Matt does have a case of "Bambi eyes." I think he looks cool!

  4. Thanks, Luke. Are you still PhotoShop-ping?
    I agree, Christian. His nose is very disproportional. Sometimes Gary Locke does take posed from certain cartoons for his illustrations.

  5. haha! look at that, im famous =)


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