Jan 21, 2011

Odyssey Obsession

I found this website, it isn't very Odyssey related, but they have a post about the top 7 things that may be evident of an Odyssey obsession. Below is an excerpt.  (Note: not saying that this website is inappropriate, but this blog is not responsible for any of the content of this site.)
. . .2. You think that all of Colorado has one zip code.
Watch, I’m a mind reader. I say, “Colorado Springs, Colorado….” You say? “…80995.” Amazing, huh?
3. You can tell which “Whit” is which.
Speaking of Whit, you’re only a true Odyssey fan if you can instantly tell which of the three voice actors is playing the character in any given episode. You’re really obsessed if you know that the original also played the drunk on Andy Griffith. (Did I ruin anyone’s childhood with that factoid?)” 
That's all for now.

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