Apr 20, 2011

No better place to be, than chillin' with the Tooth Fairy in Odyssey!

Beginning of rant. 
Announcing. . .the best episode of the Ceiling Fan Podcast ever! Seriously, there should be a music video of "Tooth Fairy and Me"! Even if you're not a "fan" of the Ceiling Fan (then you're a liar 'cause who doesn't like a good podcast) listen to this episode!
End of rant.


  1. That was ridiculous!...in an awesomely hilarious sort of way. I haven't taken the time to listen to a Ceiling Fan episode in months (probably even a year), but I was intrigued by your post. That was great!

  2. While I was writing it I felt a little like Audrey from 'AIO Insanity!'. :D

  3. I agree, this episode was quite hilarious!


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