Dec 22, 2010

Update: If you missed a day of Odyssey Advent,  you can go to the advent page to see all of the days squares.

    The new covers for the Passages books "Draven's Defiance" and "Fendar's Legacy" are out. They are scheduled to be released in Spring 2011. You can see them to the right. Do you want the Passages series to continue? Do you want a book #7? If so, you can order them here and here, or order them all here (well, on 3/31/11). You can see that Connie did to the left. Also, you can write to the the folks at Focus to tell them your opinions and compliments about this book series, write to:

Adventures in Odyssey
Colorado Springs, CO 80995
Or in Canada write to:
Box 9800
Vancouver, BC


  1. I've read the first two of the Passages books, really wanted to read the rest! I LOVE the covers!

  2. Merry Christmas, Original Joe!

  3. Thanks, Christian! You too!


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