Jul 20, 2010

              What's up, people? I have 3 things.
First of all, the official album covers of Album 52 and the Lost Episodes were released. That's them below:

Cause and Effect: Great, but the colors make it a little dark and depressing.

Lost Episodes: Um. . .I have to jump into the band waggon with everyone else, "Cannonball!" I don't think that any of the colors go together at all.

     Also, the reason why I was gone for a week was that I went on vacation with my family. The place where we were staying I saw Whit in a tree. That's him to the right. This is strange. First Wooton, now a tree. What next?


  1. Well, I read your comment on AIO insanity that said you didn't get very many comments either, so I thought I would comment. I agree with what you said about the new album covers. The Lost Episodes look really disgusting. Oh, and that tree thing is funny.


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