Apr 19, 2012

The End. No, for real. Bye.

     Sorry, everyone, I was stuck in a closet. . .for about a year. Once I got out, I thought, "Hey, I'm a fade-away Adventures in Odyssey blog that only lasted about a year. I should do a good-bye post!" [Yes, I sometimes do have lengthy conversations with myself. ; ) ] Well everybody, it was a good run. It's been full of jokes, Photoshopped pictures, the funniest podcast ever, the AIO reboot, and, my shining achievement, the Odyssey Squirrel. It still makes me laugh that the only thing mentioned by the most brilliantly creative AIO fan, Kevin McCreary, on the most popular Odyssey fan site ever's podcast. . .is a a blog where I smashed on the keyboard and pretended I was a squirrel. : ) Well, in case I don't see ya (which I can assure you I won't), "good morning", "good day", and "good night"!


Sep 3, 2011

New Album Cover Art

Woohoo! New art by Gary Locke! I think he's 4.3 times (that's just an estimate) better than Bruce Day! Here they are >
Oh yeah, by the way, Stan has a new episode out. If you like the Stan episodes so far, please follow! If you follow, Stan will give each and everyone of you a virtual high-five.

Aug 14, 2011

A. R. V. P Spotlight?

A Rat Versus a Poodle Spotlight? No, Adventures in Odyssey, RLTN: News, Videos, Pictures, etc. . . This is a new blog by Odyssey enthusiast Alina M. You can check it out here! This looks like it can have some pretty, to borrow the colloquialism, wicked-awesome-cool posts! You can check it out at ARVPSpotlight.BlogSpot.Com . Be sure to check it out, or, well. . .we wouldn't that to happen, would we?

Jun 30, 2011

Jun 24, 2011

Jun 7, 2011

We're not done with this. . .not by a long-shot.

Update: Jimmy Blogger must read Odyssey Way! He fixed it! I'm going to name my first son after him.

Album 53 has now ended. I have 4 entire cups of tears sitting around my house just in case aliens try to come in (probably 60% of you get that joke). Sorry I haven't been posting lately, but Blogger messed up their system and now 70% works.